Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of spain by 1516 essay

Colonialism has now come to be identified with rule over peoples of different race inhabiting lands separated by salt water from the imperial center; more particularly, it signifies direct political control by European states or states settled by Europeans, as the United States or Australia, over peoples of other races, notably over Asians and Africans. The Belgians attempted in the earlier years of the United Nations to broaden the concept of colonialism to include all ethnically distinct minorities discriminated against in their home countries. Contending that such minorities were often in greater need of UN attention than the people in overseas dependencies, the Belgian thesis proposed their acceptance as nonself-governing peoples under Chapter xi of the Charter.

Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of spain by 1516 essay

Navigate to resources by choosing units within one of the unit groups shown below. Introduction Delivery guides are designed to represent a body of knowledge about teaching a particular topic and contain: From the lateth century Castilian and Aragonese civil wars and eventual succession of Ferdinand and Isabella to the reign of Charles I, learners will be able to engage with the crucial themes and arguments which are at the forefront of current studies of Spanish history by focussing on both domestic and foreign policies.

Continuity and change is addressed in terms of the development of government institutions, political methods, religious control and tolerance, slavery, exploration, economic methods, xenophobia and military tactics.

Inevitably, an inherent feature of the age which reflects such developments is Spanish culture and this can form a backdrop to analysis of propaganda, war and diplomacy in the European arena as well as the emerging New World.

Learners thus have the ability to connect the key political, religious and economic features of the period through widening their study to include the motives, actions and effects of the Spanish monarchs, nobles, explorers and conquistadores, within and beyond the Iberian peninsula.


From a conceptual basis, parallels can also be drawn with the American West, British imperialism and modern anti-Semitism.

In terms of combinations with other exam papers, the topic works well alongside Themes topics such as the Ottomans, Ascendancy of France, the Renaissance, Tudor Foreign Policy, and the Rise of the British Empire as well as English topics on the Lancastrians or Tudors.

Alternatively, it would work well as a standalone topic for AS level and appeal to learners of Spanish, Philosophy and Economics. Whether teachers are new to early modern history or are wishing to revive a longstanding topic, an opportunity is provided to attract learners to AS or A Level history through highlighting the relevance of Spanish history from in a global as well as a national context.

As general guidance, learners should have studied the following: Overseas policies and the economy: Recommended core texts and online resources for teachers and students: Edwards, JFerdinand and Isabella:Strengths (+) and weaknesses (-) (+) Political stability Spain has a history of relatively stable governments, which is a large advantage during potentially destabilizing periods of large economic contraction and very high unemployment.

Managers use them to analyse past results to control their business and plan for the future, in budgeting for example. Words 7 Pages.

Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of spain by 1516 essay

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