Letter writing answering complaints about sprint

I had my service many years with Verizon and never had a situation like that. Verizon Company decided to change my contract under new Order: I would consider Verizon fraudulent.

Letter writing answering complaints about sprint

I am so frustrated and unhappy with Sprint I received an e-mail in early oct that if I renewed then, i would receive a free month. My sister and I decided to renew, we upgraded our phones and renewed on As soon as she got her new phoneI called and had her taken off of the account, when I called, the customer service rep I spoke with talked me into keeping the second phone so I could stay on the same plan that I was on it was less expensive than if I would have canceled the second line.

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The "phone guy" at her new job called some automated system, entered my name and my account number she had it since she was on the account for 2 years and ported out the number. I got the activation charge and the works of other charges. Basically they told me "thats a domestic issue" The girl I spoke with was supposed to cancel the second line, send a return kit and put my phone on the "everything data plan".

I found out late in November when I called to find out where my return kit was. Just to find out that its that equipment charge is coming back to haunt me again. I argued with the girl on the phone that Sprint had to have received my phone because I had sent it out a week earlier.

Thank god I saved my tracking info, she looked it up and sure enough they had received it the day before. One person that I could speak with that would handle my account and all of its unique issues. He called me as planned, and I thought he would be very helpful.

This probably wont go through untill after the weekend so if you have any problems, here is my direct line so you can call me. He said he would call back early the next week to follow up with me I tried to call my "account manager" and he is not answering, I left him a message and he never returned my call.

I had to pay a bill that I am disputing just so I could get my phone turned back on They find all kinds of ways to justify it pro-rated charges etcbut nobody can send me a bill with a breakdown of charges on my account. I check my e-mail and I do not have a bill being sent there either. Sprint was the first phone "plan" I have ever been on and it surely will be the last.Sample complaint letter and email.

Open Letter of Formal Complaint Filed to Sprint - Sprint Community

Sunday, August 28, If I do not hear from you within ____ days I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives. I am enclosing copies of my receipt. I may be contacted at the above address and phone number.

Answer to a complaint letter.

5695 Sprint PCS Consumer Reviews and Complaints Compose the letter on a computer -- handwritten letters are personal and not professional in nature.
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Sample letter. Further things to consider when writing complaint letters to whom it may concern. Complaint Letters.

Complaint letters are letters written to a certain authority to address an unacceptable or unsatisfactory behavior or situation.

They are used to address any offense, wrongdoing, grievance, or. Verizon Wireless Communications is a wireless company wholly owned by Verizon Communications.

With over 2, outlets in the US, it provides service to million customers. With , employees Verizon revenues in were billion and its net income was billion the same year. We are writing to you to express our deepest disapointment regarding the smartphone HTC ONE M8 bought at Saturne Luxembourg shop (30/04/, copy invoice attached).

Above mentioned smartphone had already been returned two times for repair due to a recurent problem. A written letter addressing a customer complaint will be viewed as a direct reflection of your company or product.

A careful, professional communication can prevent losing a customer, prevent bad future publicity for your company or even generate goodwill with . Open Letter of Formal Complaint Filed to Sprint; Options.

Mark Topic as New; that should not be a factor that affects the outcome or ability to effectively resolve complaints and/or issues with Sprint customers.

letter writing answering complaints about sprint

I'd have thought after 10 years of employment with Sprint, ([name removed] was adamant about repeating this several times.

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