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Solomon is an experienced divorce attorney offering fast, simple and affordable solutions to your financial and family law problems. She is an excellent family lawyer who offers fast, inexpensive divorces for people who have everything settled and is also highly skilled in handling contested divorce and custody matters. Your children, home, and property all hang in the balance.

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The forms and information provided in these pages are not considered a substitute for legal advice. Anyone using these forms is warned that the forms only apply to a simple, no-fault divorce where no property is being divided.

In most instances, once a decree in divorce has been issued, you can never come back to the court to ask for alimony or equitable division of property. Either party has a right to request marriage counseling.

Pro divorce

The Prothonotary's Office will provide a list of counselors upon request. Most church leaders also offer counseling to their church members.

In most instances, marriage counseling is not free. The following information and forms are for use by the following individuals: You have been a resident of Pennsylvania for at least six 6 months; You do not want alimony; You do not have any marital property to divide; and Neither you nor your spouse is in the military service.

In order to learn how to properly complete and file your divorce papers, you will have to do legal research. Some places that you can use to learn about how to complete your divorce are: You can find the Rules of Civil Procedure Pa.

These rules tell you what documents must be completed and when they must be filed in order to get a decree in divorce. Once you enter this website, select 'browse', which will then take you to the titles.

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Select Title for the Rules of Civil Procedure. Divorce rules begin at Rule Once you enter this site, select 'Children and Families', then select 'divorce'.

You will be given the choice to study various aspects of divorce law in Pennsylvania. This is the site for 'Unofficial Purdon's Pennsylvania Statutes', which are the laws that govern legal actions in Pennsylvania and some of the prominent cases that illustrate and expand upon the law.

Divorce law is found in Title 23, Chapter 33 23 Pa. The Washington County Law Library: Located in the basement of the Courthouse, the Law Library contains all the books you will need to research your issues and find the laws, rules and sample documents to help you prepare your divorce.

When you visit the Law Library, please sign in and tell the librarian the type of case that you would like to research. The Law Library opens at 9: The phone number is:Fast, Easy, Affordable Pennsylvania Divorce Forms. Detailed, step-by-step filing instructions.

Unlimited support from our friendly Customer Satisfaction Team. Lawyers can be expensive. Although hiring an attorney to help you with your divorce proceedings is ideal, due to your financial circumstances, you might not be able to afford legal counsel.

If you plan to represent yourself in court in a family law matter (divorce, modification of child custody or child support, or paternity), you are required to complete the following two step Litigant Awareness Program, and file your certificate with the program will help you understand the Missouri court system and the type of case that interests you.

Pro divorce

Administrative Traffic Court. Find out more about appearing in Durham County Traffic Court. Contact Directory. Find out how to reach your Clerk of Court and other . PRO SE DIVORCE HANDBOOK A “ Pro Se ” Litigant is a person who appears on his or her own behalf in court, without a lawyer.

Whether you are Pro Se or represented by an attorney, there are spe-cific rules and deadlines that you will be expected to follow. Some of these rules and. The Republican tax plan would impose a new penalty on divorce. The change would allow the government to collect more than $8 billion in new revenue over 10 years.

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