The glass essay quotes

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The glass essay quotes

Stephen Glass in Newsweek, Simon and Schuster published a novel by Stephen Glass - The Fabulist - the story of a young The glass essay quotes named Stephen Glass whose career as a journalist is built on lies. Here's an excerpt from the novel. To publicize the book Glass did an interview with "60 Minutes" - here's a transcript of that interview, and here's Virginia Heffernan's Slate review of Glass' TV appearance.

Christensen's casting remarkably produced few clever comments about talented and innocent young men tempted by the Dark Side, amazingly enough. Writer Jonathan Chait, a friend and collaborator of Glass', was apparently given a sex-change in Billy Ray's script based on Buzz Bissinger's Vanity Fair articleand his character is played by Chloe Sevigny.

Ray made his directorial debut with the film. Here's the Internet Movie Database entry on the film. Diana Griego Erwin, a former columnist for the Sacramento Bee, is under investigation after the paper cannot verify 43 sources she used in a sampling from her 12 years of work for the paper.

From a Guardian UK story: She worked on a project that won a Pulitzer Prize at the Denver Post in and also won a George Polk award and the commentary prize from the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Perfectly timed for the release of the Glass book and movie, Jayson Blair, a New York Times reporter, was fired from the paper in May for fabricating sources and plagiarizing quotes from unattributed sources.

Here's the Times' explanation of how Blair pulled off his deceit, and here's an annotated list of articles by Blair. The scandal has forced the resignation of Times editor Howell Raines. Here's Jack Shafer's Slate analysis of the scandal, written before Raines' resignation, which is full of other useful links.

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Christopher Newton, an Associated Press reporter, was fired on Sept. Newton, an AP reporter sincewrote on a wide range of topics, "ranging from the war in Afghanistan to science, mental health, and education.

In his piece, "Is Youssouf Male a Slave? Inquiries are going on at other magazines as to other possible fictions.

Here's the editor's note from the Times. Here's a piece from Canada on the Finkel affair. Tom Junod and Esquire magazine have admitted that a profile of REM singer Michael Stipe that ran in the June issue was substantially fictionalized. While they claim that the fabrication was implied in a subheadline, and provided a website with an annotated version of the piece, they were unapologetic.

Columnist Patricia Smith of the Boston Globe resigned from the paper after it was discovered that she had made up quotes and sources. Here are a couple of letters from sympathetic readers of Smith 's column.

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Two days later Cooke admitted that Jimmy did not exist, and Post editor Ben Bradlee returned the award. Investigations revealed that Cooke had also made up her stellar credentials. Humiliated, Cooke lost her job, but later re-emerged selling her story to Hollywood. Years later, he admitted to New York that he had made up the majority of the piece.

Click here for a summary of this incident. At the Cincinatti Enquirer, reporter Mike Gallagher was fired for stealing voice mail messages in the course of writing a piece on the Chiquita Banana company, aided, it seems, by an employee of the company.

The Enquirer has run an apology to the company on its front page. Gallagher's primary crime is that he assured his paper that his sources were obtained in a legal manner. Salon has an essay about why this might be the most important media crisis of the year.Sep 05,  · Suggested Essay Topics.

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A colleague and I had just finished covering a march in protest of a Google employee who had recently evicted several tenants after buying and moving into a home in the area.

The glass essay quotes

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